Pac Man: The Insatiable Hunger

Videogame Theater presents Pac Man – The Insatiable Hunger. A funny video using puppetry and animation, with Pac-Man as a junkie and wife-beater. Poor Ms Pac-Man. (I know this isn’t new, but I found it now).

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2 Responses to Pac Man: The Insatiable Hunger

  1. Wendy says:

    Hi Bibi,
    I stumbled on this blog today for the first time. Marvellous!! I already have a question: I’m making a course for 7 to 10-year olds about frame and framework. In all your webbrowsing days, have you encountered interesting comics, films, animation films that play with frame, or even cross the frame?
    Now I am looking in your archive for treasures -> I have found some 🙂 La Linea for example and these guys:
    Hope some things pop up in your brain.
    Keep on blogging!

  2. Bibi says:

    Thank you for your very nice words Wendy. Hum… framework? Well, I think that there are many works that I already posted, but I need to check them. Let’s so what I can find to send to you.
    See you!

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