More Felix Cartoons

Felix Baby-sits
Felix the Cat cartoons, second round-up! The first round-up of Felix was here. This time I’m not responsible for all the uploads. I didn’t uploaded any new cartoons of Felix, I just found them making a search by the name. The vintage cartoons of the 20’s and 30’s yes, I did it, but this time there are no links to download them, sorry. Here are the links to watch them:
Candy town (1931) – I’m not sure if it’s an authentic Felix the cat cartoon or not.
Feline Follies (1919)
Felix Baby-sits (1959)
Felix Dopes It Out (1925)
Felix in Fairyland (1923)
Felix Monkeys with Magic (1925)
Felix Saves the Day (1922)
Felix the Cat as Romeeow (1927)
Felix the Ghost Breaker (1923)
Futuritzy (1928)
King of the moon (1959)
Sheriff Felix vs the gas cloud (1959)
The gold plant (1959)
The invisible professor (1959)
The magic bag (1958)
The Stone Age (1922)

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