Jim Flora

Park East magazine

Why did I never posted about Jim Flora? My fault, all my fault, sorry. His works were fantastic: cheerful illustrations full of colours with a great style.

Jim Flora was ground zero for an illustration style that took the modernism of painters such as Miró, Klee and Picasso, blended it with a jazz sensibility and added a dollop of the Sunday funnies pages. He created an urbane and wiggy graphic beast that was ubiquitous in the immediate postwar years, throughout the 1950s and well into the following decade. Fifty years later, Flora’s work (both old and new) remains fresh, breezy, smart and humorous.

That’s my favourite: Mambo for cats

Mambo for cats

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2 Responses to Jim Flora

  1. Tahir says:

    The illustrations are great. Reminds me a lot of Tim Biskup work. If Jim Flora was doing this kind of work now I think he would be very famous.

  2. kahlo says:

    I adore Jim Flora and his work, tiene muchísimo ritmo 🙂

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