Hey Little Girl

Do you have an old doll that need to be restored? Or do you want to customize your doll? Firstly : keep her away from me. Secondly, visit Heyl Little Girl. The site shows the work of Yatabazah and Leonidas that think “Blythes are not toys. We think of them as small creatures.” Well, I think that too, but for me they are creepy creatures. Not their fault, the guys do a good job, it’s just me.
They not only repair your doll, as well as they have a “haute couture” for your Blythe. More things to see there: Photographies with photographic essays of the dolls, I mean, the small creatures; doll-o-pedia; blog; and very short films – they scared me, specially the one with a cat, poor little kitty! (Thanks Les Butler!)
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