Happy Bloomsday!

Bloomsday Cat

Happy Bloomsday Everybody!

From the beginning. If you have no idea of what it is, fix it reading this article. Ok, now follow some of my suggestions to Bloomsday of last year. If you never read Ulysses and you are in the mood to start a new book, start reading it at the Project Gutenberg and buy the book after, because it’s a big and very interesting, and important book, but it’s tough to read it.

Next step if you are planning to read it: buy an annotated version. When I buy books that had been translated I always do that, when I buy a complex classic in other language I prefer an annotated version too and Joyce is not for little girls that love ponies, he is complex. But don’t give up. With the on-line version and a good search engine everything is possible. Those links that can help you:

Ulysses : Concordance is a hypertextual, self-referential edition of Ulysses, prepared using the Project Gutenberg edition.

The Internet Ulysses by James Joyce is a marvellous discussing site full of texts and links about Ulysses. And if that is not enough, visit also the Advanced notes for Ulysses.

Ulysses for Dummies

Maybe you are not in the mood. So, start with something easy, like Ulysses for Dummies:

From Hunger smells an opportunity when we step in it. Herewith, our stripped-down, revved-up version of Joyce’s great work, which we, with one eye on the marketplace, have called Ulysses for Dummies. Now you can thrill to the discussion of Shakespeare in chapter 9; weep with Simon Dedalus at Dignam’s funeral in chapter 6; frolic with Bloom and Stephen in chapter 15’s dreamscape of Nighttown; and join in Molly’s optimistic vindication of the world in chapter 18. And it’s in color, thanks to the 16-color palette of Windows Paintbox!

An impressive description with animations so good as the one above. Back to the Bloomsday, a few more links about it:

– BBC has two streaming videos about the Ulysses.

BloomsdayAn unforgettable odyssey, the Economist article.

Bloomsday – James Joyce Ulysses, at the Irish a Broad site, with Joyce’s biography, his works, links, links to events, quotes and a very helpful schema for Ulysses.

Bloomsday information and program at the Rosenbach Museum & Library.

Bloomsday 2006: the site of the 30th running of the Lilac Bloomsday run and a video of the Bloomsday 2006 Running Race.

On this cancelled Bloomsday, life imitates art, The Boston Globe article explains why it was cancelled.


Há diversas comemorações do Bloomsday aqui no Brasil e em São Paulo, como sempre deve ter alguma coisa lá no Finnegans. Como está chovendo, eu estou com frio, cansada, meio deprê, tenho que estudar e não quero perder a parada gay amanhã, acho que vou ficar em casa. Quem não sabe exatamente o que fazer pode dar uma olhada nos posts em português sobre a data:

O Biscoito Fino e a Massa vem com Ulisses, de James Joyce: Celebração do Bloomsday.

– O 2005 – Uma Odisséia Literária ataca de modo mais ferroz, com um dia inteiro de Joyce.

Mais alguém? Who else is blogging about Bloomsday today? Let me know ok? And Happy Bloomsday again!

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6 Responses to Happy Bloomsday!

  1. Idelber says:

    Happy Bloomsday, Bibi, and thanks for the link 🙂

  2. Edval F. says:

    Olá, linda garota! Tenha também um feliz Bloomsday! esperava que aqui em Brasília a data fosse comemorada ou ao menos lembrada… Mas fiquei frustrado… Levei um exemplar do Ulysses para o escritório, fiz um trocadilho com uma amiga que trabalha comigo e se chama Irlanda (Joyce era irlandês), comprei umas Guiness (irlandesas legítimas) para tomar agora à noite, e estou procurando comentar o assunto como posso! Deixei um comentário para ti no seu Flick e lhe mandei um mail ontem também… Como vê, minhas últimas 24 horas foram bastante agitadas! Um beijo grande, meu anjo! ;P

  3. Bleak Mouse says:

    I ALWAYS forget Bloomsday; thank you for the reminder. At least I have four hours left.

  4. Massilianana says:

    Salut Bibi,
    Et merci pour le rappel ! You know , I lived in Ireland for two years but I don’t remember any Bloomsday celebration , strangely enough, only…pub crawls !!! . Anyway ,j’adore les Irlandais and though Joyce is not my fav irish writer , I’ll give him a thought (ok , I confess , I never read Ulysses but someday , I will).
    Could you pass on to me the address of Finnegans ? Is it a “real” Irish pub there in SP ? I’ll make sure I check it -after I’m finished with rua 25 de Março … ;)- next time I go to SP .
    It is frio em SC tambem , brrr….
    Take care !

  5. Bibi says:

    My pleasure Idelber 🙂
    Olá Edval, obrigada pelo comentário!
    Hey Bleak Mouse, it’s good to know that this post was useful. 😉
    Salut Massilianana, this is the address: Rua Cristiano Viana, 358 Pinheiros. You can go there using the metrô, it’s 5 blocks from it, not more than 10 minutes walking. I’m not sure if it’s are real Irish but it’s a nice pub. I just don’t go so often in these places because there are always too many people smoking – and I have cigar.

  6. Massilianana says:

    Merci !
    Yeah , I know what you mean , I hate cigarette smoke as well . But I love irish music more !
    Thanks for all the posts lately .
    Até mais !

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