Classik TV

Classik TV
After the Bombay TV, where you can create your own film with scenes of Bollywood films and your own subtitles, now we have Classik TV! Be a director in 30” selecting the scenes and editing the subtitles. It’s supposed to be funny, since you don’t understand the language and can write anything. Nevertheless my Swedish readers won’t think it so amusing, because the “strange” language chose this time is Swedish. I bet you are going to recognize some of the actors from Bergman’s films.
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6 Responses to Classik TV

  1. Johnny says:

    Nice thing, but just impossible to do something funny of for me, speaking swedish that is.

  2. Marnie says:

    Bombay TV was very funny, but this is very interesting too, a lot of possibilities… if you’re not Swedish. I’ll test it later. Thanks!

  3. Kapana says:

    Awesome site. I don’t have time to read all your posts today but I will read every single one of them and watch every single video. You write about everything I am so passionate about. This is a paradise for me 🙂

  4. PAtinha says:

    Bibi is always perfect in her post…we lov u girl..

  5. Tahir says:

    The Bombay TV was hilarious. I speak urdu so some of them are harder to laugh at when you know the language. I have to give this one a try though, should be just as funny. Did you create one?

  6. Bibi says:

    I imagined that Johnny. They should do one with Portuguese. 🙂
    Teste it Marnie. It can be very funny if you have time and imagination.
    Thank you Kapana. It’s great to see that you appreciate the content of my blog. 🙂
    Yep, I did one with the Bombay TV, the link is on the other post Tahir.
    Thank you Patinha.

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