Bill Plympton’s how-to short-films

Bill Plympton How to Make Love to a Woman
For many years I watched MTV and its strange animated spots. I didn’t know that the responsible for most of those works was Bill Plympton. I discovered the bizarre world of his animations after watch Mutant Aliens in 2001. He has a unique style, very easy to recognize, but not so easy to appreciate. In his animations is very common to fin outrageous sex, violence, bizarre scenes and an acid /caustic/ sarcastic sense of humour.
Most part of his works are available in DVD. If you never saw this animations or have no idea of what I’m talking watch his short films available at Atom Films or YouTube. Here are three suggestions of instructional guides to watch: 25 Ways to Quit Smoking, How to Kiss and How to make love to a woman. The funniest part on the last two videos is the shock of narration and images. BTW, they can be disturbing to some people and the last one is NSFW. (via Sex and Blogs)

PS.: I already posted about Bill Plympton, but who check the archives? I don’t.

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  1. Hemaworstje says:

    I love archives , age doesnt matter when it is about beauty , right?
    trash is never stored in a good well maintained archive, and yes i hate libraries , but they do is like fishing, time consuming.
    thanks for the smile of the day , as usual , excellent posts again.

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