WWWF Grudge Match

Neo vs. Bugs Bunny
That is very funny: WWWF Grudge Match – Where useless knowledge breeds champions.What is Grudge Match? Grudge Match pits two or more pop icons (fictional or real) against each other in head-to-head competition. Who wins and why, however, is up for discussion. There are no more “fights” after almost one decade and 248 matches. But as they said, don’t worry: the archives will be up indefinitely. They are a must read, don’t need to rush. Start with a very good one, Neo vs. Bugs Bunny – Bugs Bunny is always my favourite. (via Cynical-C)

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2 Responses to WWWF Grudge Match

  1. todd Bonita says:

    Thanks for sharing, I’m deinitely enjoying.

  2. Bibi says:

    My pleasure Todd. It’s funny 🙂

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