Whitney Music Box

Whitney Music Box

Whitney Music Box: a musical realization of the motion graphics of John Whitney as described in his book “Digital Harmony”.The thirteen variations of the music box are the result of Whitney’s idea of harmonic relationships, based on audio, graphics and programming.

The animation and the music were composed by Jim Bumgardner. He has more info about it at KrazyDad: While Whitney was interested in turning musical ideas into motion graphics, I’m doing the inverse — turning one of his key animation ideas back into music. Here is what Whitney said about it:

An early intuition about how to control total dynamics led me to activate all graphic elements through a motion function that advances each element differentially. For example, if one element were set to move at a given rate, the next element might be moved at two times that rate. Then the third would move at three times that rate and so on. Each element would move at a different rate and in a different direction within the field of action. So long as all elements obey a rule of direction and rate, and none drifts aimlessly or randomly, then pattern configurations form and reform. This is harmonic resonance, and it echoes musical harmony, stated in explicit terms. I tried this procedure in several films, and was gratified by the consistency of the confirmation it demonstrated.
– John Whitney, “Digital Harmony”, pp. 38

(via Hoemro)

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