Tango Clear Ads

Tango Clear
Do you remember the terrific Sony Bravia ad, made with 250,000 bouncing balls? Brilliant, no? Well, Tango Clear has a parody of that commercial made by the agency CHI Advertising. The same agency made a series of humorous, and weird I must say, videos to Tango using the slogan You know when you’ve been Tango’d. Including the parody, there are eight of those funny ads available to watch. Do it! (via Llámame Lola)
Tango Clear – Parody or Google Video
Tango Clear Metaphor or Google Video
Tango Apple – Postman or Google Video
Tango Apple – Velcro or Google Video
Tango Orange – Barrel or Google Video
Tango Orange – Helmet or Google Video
Tango Orange – Porcupine or Google Video
Tango Orange – Seal or Google Video

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  1. Mosselman says:

    The single post that has convinced my Firefox Sessionsaver to remember your website for a while. Great! 😀

  2. Bibi says:

    Wow, thanks Mosselman 🙂
    PS.: did you tried Tab Mix Plus extension? It makes the same thing as sessionsaver and more. I changed it because sessionsaver had some problems like allocate memory.

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