Superman Cartoons

I’m really digging Internet Archive for Fleischer animations. I posted about Betty Boop Cartoons and the two promotional animations Finding His Voice and Now You’re Talking. Other Max and Dave Fleischer cartoons already uploaded are In My Merry Oldsmobile Tramp, Tramp, Tramp and The Cobweb Hotel and the film Gulliver’s Travels. They are all in public domain and available to download at Internet Archive, just make a search by the names. If you like Popeye there are many episodes there (I don’t like it, so I won’t upload them).
But this is a post about Superman cartoons, right? So here is a list of the old Superman cartoons available to download and watch on-line and the IMDb links to them. While you wait the videos load check the links to external pages Superman Wikipedia article, like this page with scanned images of his first episode at Action Comics. BTW, not all the episodes where directed by Dave Fleischer, and some of the episodes are so-so, but they are Superman, just watch them.
Billion Dollar Limited (1942): downloadwatch it
Destruction Inc. (1942): downloadwatch it
Electric Earthquake – (1942): downloadwatch it
Eleventh Hour (1942): download or herewatch it
Japoteurs (1942): downloadwatch it
Jungle Drums (1943): downloadwatch it
Secret Agent (1943): downloadwatch it
Showdown (1942): downloadwatch it
Terror on the Midway (1942): dowloadwatch it
Superman (1941): downloadwatch it
The Bulleteers (1942): downloadwatch it
The Arctic Giant (1942): downloadwatch it
The Magnetic Telescope (1942): download or herewatch it
The Mechanical Monsters (1941): download or herewatch it or here
The Mummy Strikes (1943): downloadwatch it
The Underground World (1943): dowloadwatch it
Volcano (1942): dowloadwatch it
PS.: some of the cartoons have two versions to download at Archive, with different sizes, and since I’m not so smart I uploaded the two different versions of one of those and forgot to upload one cartoon, but I’m going to fix that. Below, the “Electric Earthquake” episode (be patience, the video is big).

Update: I added one more video available and the link to watch “Japoteurs”. It’s not with the best quality, because I tried to upload some times with the best quality and it didn’t work.
Update 2: more three animations were added to this list. Now the list of Superman 1940’s cartoons is complete.
Update 3: watch the animation at Videos with Bibi here, here, here, and here.

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5 Responses to Superman Cartoons

  1. Arbee says:

    Extraordinary…another gem from Bibi’s repertoire …one is old enough to know, but did not, of Superman animations.
    Bibi, comments of late are decidely belated … so many of Bibi video wonders have opened my eyes/mind …M – Eine Stadt Sucht Einen Morder not the least in excellence or number … only can say thank you for Bibi … Firefox (If only one was half a century younger, a million, or three, dollars richer and could swoon in portuguese….sigh)…mmm, suspect too Bibi way back when pointed the way to Firefox — whatever your magical formula Bibi…may you never lose it!! 🙂

  2. Marnie says:

    You did it again! Thanks 🙂

  3. jerome says:

    Bibi, this is great… You’re a kind of Sherlock Holmes of the internet…
    Superman is one of my favourite super heroes (with Spiderman and Batman)… I’m downloading some episodes and writting a post about this at the same time…
    Thanks 😀

  4. Dave Munger says:

    I got the impression that these were public domain, can this be?

  5. Bibi says:

    Thanks for the very nice comment Arbee 🙂
    My pleasure Marnie.
    Me, Sherlock Holmes? 😀 No, I just like to make searchs, and sometimes I’m luckier than other days. See you Jerome!
    Hi Dave, yes they are in public domain, that’s why I’m posting about it. 🙂

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