Rocky and Caddyshack by Bunnies

Rocky in 30 second by bunnies
I was going to sleep, but I saw the bunnies re-enacting Caddyshack and Rocky. Yes Rocky! This kind of thing that can’t wait to be posted. Rocky and Caddyshack in 30 second (and re-enacted by bunnies).

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3 Responses to Rocky and Caddyshack by Bunnies

  1. andrew jones says:

    brokeback mountain is the one that loads when I go the site now.


  2. Danicast says:

    Bibi, escrevi sobre a festa:
    Dá uma lida depois!

  3. Bibi says:

    Strange Andrew, it works fine for me :-/
    Oi Dani, eu já tinha visto só não comentei por… bem preguiça mesmo. Muito bom o artigo. 🙂

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