Mary Sue

Marysuecide n°3

The French artist Mary Sue plays with the photography and video art.

Mary Sue is not a pure video product, but rather the fruit of a hybrid, artisanal practice, driven by the desire for a perfect, all-encompassing artifice. In fact, Mary Sue herself, and the artist who has adopted her name, is a metonym for the contrivance of her video constructions. is consistently at the center of this process, at the warm convergence of high- or low-angle viewpoints, reflecting her relationship to the world and the steamy responses that she knowingly arouses through a theatrical naïveté. By definition, the viewer, indeed the whole world, is outside the frame. Her solitude in the face of the world is that of all domestic stars: she has little adventures, accomplishes small feats, and experiences tiny moments of illumination.

More of her works at Marco Noire Contemporary Art, Galerie Rabouan Moussion and Photosapiens.

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