Häxan and Freaks

Freaks Häxan
Yesterday was another great day, and I was full of energy. Frankly, the only thing I wanted to do was stay at my bed with my cats and sleep. Damn cold! I have so many things to post, but zero energy to do that. At least I had nice videos saved to post in those occasions, when I want to keep my readers busy. Here are two unusual films available to watch at Google Video. Enjoy!
Freaks is one of the most bizarre films I ever saw, if it isn’t the most bizarre. Treachery is discovered amongst a travelling circus sideshow. says the plot outline. A film about the people that work in a freak show can’t be normal, it’s weird and not recommended to sensible people. But it’s a must see. Directed by Tod Browning in 1932, it’s available to watch here.
Häxan, also known as “The Witches” is a marvellous documentary about the history of witchcraft, written and directed by Benjamin Christensen and finished in 1922. It’s available at Google Video. BTW, I had a lot of work to put the English subtitles on the video. So if you are planning to post about it, I would appreciated if you could give me a link for it. Thank you. The film is no longer available.

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7 Responses to Häxan and Freaks

  1. Sebastian says:

    Great Bibi! Spendido!

  2. magnus says:

    Bibi, thanks for this, Freaks is one of my all time fave movies, and Haxan allowed me to watch the Devil lead Scandinavian girls into hell for the first time! Thank you for this exploitation treat!
    Magnus from Sweden

  3. jmorrison says:

    BIBI! I love Häxan. Own it. Been planning on posting about it for a looong while now but never got around to it. Now when I do I’ll have something to link to so everyone knows what I’m talking about. Thanks.

  4. John Baird-Parker says:

    Haxan is ‘one of those films’ I always wanted to see. Thank-you for this and for Tod Browning’s masterpiece. By the way the subtitles are excellent.

  5. Idelber says:

    Wonderful work, Bibi!
    I just finished watching Häxan, what a trip. Thanks for this!

  6. Bibi says:

    Thanks for the comments guys! I wanted to see the films for so many time that when I found I thought that I had to share them. It’s great to see that you like them. 🙂

  7. Daniel says:

    Hey! What a lead you gave us there! I am currently working on a transcription for a 1967-ish Häxan version, narrated by William Burroughs. Later on, I intend to put Portuguese subtitles on it, for a Luso-Brazilian audience needy of Terror movies/documentaries. If you feel like taking part in this quest do get in touch. There is no money involved for any of us, but your name gets to go up on the screen! Best,

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