Google Video Web-based Uploader

Upload and share your videos
FINALLY! Google announced that now there is a web-based uploader. That means that if you have videos with less than 100MB you don’t need to use the uploader anymore.
I was thinking that something like this would be great for some of the videos that I’m uploading to Google Video. Yes, of the videos, because most of the videos that uploaded to it, including the cartoons, have more than 100MB. The films usually have 700MB and the last Superman cartoons uploaded is average 300MB – I’m going to talk about them in the next post.
While the video is uploading there is animation of four coloured small balls running from left to right. It’s nice, but I’d rather to know how much was already uploaded. And one more note: if you add more info to the video, after the upload, like a link to your page, more categories, or producer name, you have to wait them approve the changes to see them. It’s not automatic, just the information added before the upload appears until they approve the changes.

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