Good News? Bad News?

Hi, I’m back. Let’s start with the good news. Well, the first one is that I’m back, believe or not I’m. The other good news is: I have many new links to post. And, while I wasn’t blogging I was uploading videos in Public Domain at Google Video – but now it is a kind of crazy. There are many silent films, early cinema short films, classics of terror, expressionism, commercials, vintage cartoons, early animation films and not so old films, but in public domain too. I’m going to post about them soon.
And now, the bad news. The first and most obvious is the part where I disappeared. Well, personal problems and other things. Second: if you like of any of the videos that I posted at you Tube, including the collection of 60’s and 70’s French videos, forget it. No didn’t get crazy and deleted everything, was more they deleted everything in just one time. And my old account doesn’t work anymore. Unfortunately I won’t upload them again, but you can find some of those videos at You Tube, Google Video, Daily Motion and other sites.
Anyway, I just wanted to tell you about the videos, before someone else ask again. All the suggestion of old videos to upload at Google Video are welcome. Just let me know if I’m the only crazy for old films or not.
And one last thing: if you want to know more about me, take a look at the project of Bogbrush, In The Chair. This week the interview is with me, yes Bibi! A very “Bibi” interview, about blogging, my blogs, cinema and life. It was a very nice interview and I didn’t kill anyone, don’t worry. Now, go back to the posts, before someone kick me.
PS.: I need to say thanks to a wonderful Canadian reader that sent me two very cool books from my wish list at Amazon – and just in time for my birthday that are going to be next week! One is a very interesting book about semiotics, feminism and cinema – yes, I like this kind of thing too – and the other one is a damn cool book full of images of pulp books and phrases, called “Bad Girls of Pulp Fiction”. I love them, thank you! I wanted to know if I can say the name of the reader, can I?

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14 Responses to Good News? Bad News?

  1. George says:

    Glad you are back Bibi :~) I’ve missed you.

  2. placeboKatz says:

    Welcome back, Bibi
    Regarding your troubled uploads, why not put them into the open source section at archive org
    There´s a discussion in the feature film section about new sections for short PD-material that´s not newly created
    (including some nice links)

  3. P-E Fronning says:

    Finally!! Nice interview. The Dodos are proud of you 🙂

  4. Arbee says:

    The day has just become brighter … nice to have Bibi back 🙂 🙂

  5. Bibi says:

    Thanks George!
    Hi placeboKatz, well… hehehe … most of the videos that I’m uploading at Google Video I found at Internet Archive. 🙂
    But now you can see them on-line. That is the idea, make them easy to access and popular. There are other very old films that I found in the archive of the Library of Congress. It’s impressive to discover all those great material, and they are all hide!
    Thanks for the link! There is a problem with the Berlim version: that one has no sound. Yep I download it before. And I know that is a silent film, but Walter Ruttman composed the music to the film, and it lose half of his bright without the music. I put it on-line at Google Video with a version with the music. I was asking to myself why there are few Chaplin films and just one Griffith film there and it isn’t The Birth of a Nation. Well, I’m going to upload it soon. Thanks again for the link. 🙂
    Thanks P-E! Are they? Cool! I must start that blog about dodos… poor little dead creatures. 🙂
    Oh… that was very nice Arbee! Thanks!

  6. peacay says:

    Thanks Bibi, that was seriously funny – the interview I mean. You good Republican you 😉
    Weird, I just thought about you today. I kind of avoid bloglines sometimes but I went there on purpose a while ago to see if you had posted something, otherwise I was going to come and write an email.
    I’m sorry things have been blah. I hope they get better or at least go ok.
    So you have a secret $$ blog gig! Heh…good for you. I know exactly what you mean when you say you can spend the whole day online looking for material – it’s bad, v. bad!
    I have never suggested this to anyone else, but I think you should do a podcast Bibi. I think it would really be fun and interesting to hear you talk about ..ummm….anything …film, perhaps? I think you might find it would be popular. Just a thought..

  7. Marnie says:

    Nice to read you again, Bibi 😉
    “Just let me know if I’m the only crazy for old films or not.”
    You’re not alone… (*melodramatic music here, please*)… I’m crazy too… even for old films.
    Now, seriously, I’m interested in all that stuff.
    Welcome back!

  8. jmorrison says:

    Welcome back Bibi. Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday now in case I forget later. Best.

  9. Bilge Gokhan says:

    This is my first time here. Looks like a nice place to visit: Anyway welcome back and come visit my site sometime. Anyy comments would be appreciated.

  10. gesiel says:

    Legal, vc voltou!!
    Tb vou fazer como o jmorrison :
    Mil felicidades e um gigante abraço agora, pq poço não ter oportunidade na data certa!!!

  11. Bibi says:

    Hi Paul,
    Yes, the things were blah but I think that I’m the problem… to complicated to explain in a not personal blog. I’m feeling better now. Thanks.
    So you have a secret $$ blog gig! 😀 Well, I wrote something, but in the time that I wasn’t posting here I wasn’t posting there. I can’t thing when I’m upset and not feeling fine. Great that you liked the interview.
    Hum… a podcast… I’m going to think again about it, but I’m afraid… of my English and the worst part: what am I going to say? Thanks for the nice comments, I won’t kick you, even after the evil joke about be Republican. 😀
    Take care.

  12. Bibi says:

    Hey Marnie, great to see you here! 🙂
    “I’m crazy too… even for old films. I knew that were more crazy people! It’s very good to know this, because I was almost alone in my cinema classes. Boring colleges… they just liked the new films…
    And thanks for the comment!
    Thanks JMorrison! My Birthday was Tuesday, but don’t tell to people, I’m not feeling festive this year. And congratulations to you too, your blog is back, that’s a great! 🙂
    Hi Bilge, I’m going to check your blog. 😉
    Oi Gesiel, muito obrigada pelos votos de feliz aniversário, muito gentil da sua parte. Digamos que eu estou cada vez mais anti-social e estava me lamentável, daí eu não penso e não posto. Mas eu estou melhor agora. Obrigada mais uma vez pela mensagem e cuide-se você também 🙂

  13. Mark says:

    I would also like to encourage you to do a podcast! It’s a wonderful idea.
    Broken English is very charming, so I wouldn’t worry about that.

  14. Bibi says:

    I’m thinking about it Mark. Just one of a good free song, more ideas, and a decent microphone. 🙂

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