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The super kitsch Claude François
Lovers of French music, don’t cry. I have two solutions for those that missed my list of French videoclips. The first one is a very nice video blog: Vidéo Nostalgie. The blog makes a homage to the French vintage videoclips from 60’s and 70’s. It’s a very new blog, but it has a good selection of videos for almost all tastes. (via Martin Klasch)
My second solution came from a suggestion of a reader, it is Ina – Institut National de l’Audiovisuel. The French institute opened its doors with an amazing collection of publications, multimedia files, videos and audio files of 70 years of radio and 60 years of TV programs. The best part is that almost all free! The size of the image doesn’t help a lot in the videos, but it’s great see things like Françoise Truffaut talking about Les 400 Coups in 1959, or listen to an interview with him from 1974, or watch Jacques Brel singing “Mathilde“.
The collection with more than 100,000 of files can be download: emissions, series, news, speeches, sports, documentaries, historic transmissions, TV shows, TV journals and much more. But, you have to pay. You can download the videos with a DVD quality to watch on your computer or download the audio files, for prices that start with 1€ a for audio file with less than 10 minutes and 6€ for videos with more than 30 minutes. There is also a rent option for 48 hours. Not the cheapest price, but it’s not so bad too, if you receive in Euro – that definitely isn’t my case.
But go fast to there, because last week I watched part of a documentary of 30 minutes with Truffaut and it was was free to see. Now there is short sample and I have to pay to see all the video. Yes, there are videos that you can’t see in the small window if you don’t pay for them, most of them are videoclips and programs with more than 10 minutes. Not so good, ahn? Yes, I should watched the whole video last week, my fault, but who could now? Anyway, go directly to the Archives pour tous before they change and put all the videos for pay-version. (Thanks Massilianana)

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4 Responses to French Videos for Everyone

  1. Massilianana says:

    Oh merci Bibi ,
    To see Cloclo singing and dancing on “Alexandrie , Alexandra” , now that is a treat !!! I’ll have to show this to my daughter and explain to her that when I was her age (gulp!) I loved to copy the choreography of the Claudettes and sing along with Cloclo (double gulp !),
    And I agree with you , the size of the videos of the INA is extremely frustrating ,they have a charm of their own this way, don’t they ?!
    Take care ,
    Bõa tarde ,

  2. Awesome I already feel like in the 80’s if I watch those videos. I guess the might be already seen as graphical documents of that time.

  3. Bibi says:

    Ah… Clo-clo… he was very funny, cheesy and super kitsch. Yes, tough to explain! 😀
    Not only the size of the videos is small, they are changing. I think that they expected had so many visits. They changed the videos: now videos with 10 minutes or more have just excerpts and everything is becoming pay-version. :-/
    Thanks for the comment Massilianana and thanks again for the link. Take care you too 🙂
    80’s Marina? Hehehe… I discovered most of this videos this year. Some are nice, some curious and weird sometimes.

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