Collection of Life and Death Masks

John Keats - death mask
Oh… that’s morbid: Laurence Hutton Collection of Life and Death MasksA Pictorial Guide by John Delaney. The masks are from famous people of course. Tolstoy is there, Walt Whitman too, and Shakespeare, Thomas Moore, Giacomo Leopardi, Oliver Cromwell, Elizabeth I, Queen of England, Napoleon, and Goethe! Ok, it’s enough, too creepy for me. I’m going to bed now

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2 Responses to Collection of Life and Death Masks

  1. Danicast says:

    Recebi o convite do copo vermelho e já confirmei. Te vejo por lá amanhã. 🙂

  2. Bibi says:

    Ok! 🙂
    à bientôt

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