Bandes Dessinées Adultes

Isabella nº34 Contes Féérotiques n°36
Bandes Dessinées Adultes is a French site devoted to fumetti, also know as comics for adults. The initial page has some annoying gifs: ignore them and try the links. It has an excellent collection of covers of Maghella, Lucifera, Terrificolor, Baghera and many others series.
There are a lot of interesting stuff, like the covers sources page with the covers of Elvifrance and the images used as reference to make them. Is your French fin? Explore the many dossiers available at the site, like the Biancaneve or Maghella. The navigation isn’t the best feature of it, but it’s full of amusing stuff to read and see. If you like the issue dig it! NSFW.(via Sexe, love ‘n gaudriole)
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