Albert Eckhout

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The Dutch painter and draughtsman Albert Eckhout came to Brazil in the service of Count Maurice of Nassau, the Governor-General of Dutch Brazil, where he spent seven years (1637-1644).

During the period Eckhout spent in the Northeast of Brazil, he worked intensively on documenting its fauna and flora, as well as on painting human types. His stay in Brazil is thus considered the principal phase of his work, during which he produced some 400 drawings and sketches in oil that were presented by Nassau to Friedrich Wilhelm, the Elector of Brandenburg,1 in 1652, and brought together by Christian Mentzel, between 1660 and 1664, in the volumes Theatri Rerum Naturalium Brasiliae and Miscellanea Cleyeri, that are today in the collection of the Biblioteka Jagiellonska, in Cracow, Poland. He also produced 26 canvases in oil that were presented to Frederik III (1609 – 1670), King of Denmark, in 1654, of which 24 have been preserved in the Ethnography Department of the Nationalmuseet [National Museum of Denmark] in Copenhagen. Albert Eckhout returned to Holland in May 1644, settling in Groningen.

The National Danish Museum has a special site to Albert Eckhout with his biography, an introduction to the Brazilian history and a gallery with 24 of his Brazilian paitings. The Wikimedia has 6 images of his paitings, this page has 11 images of his birds paintings. And this is the image of the special edition of stamps of the Brazilian post office, Correios, released in 2002.

Eckout em português: Wikipedia e Itaú Cultural que além da biografia tem reproduções das imagens, mas infelizmente com baixa qualidade.

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