Adicolor’s Short Films

Adidas Adicolor: black
Everybody talked so much about the adidas adicolor short films directed by innovative directors, that I was waiting for brilliant results. Well, some are, but not all the videos. The pink directed by Charlie White is fabulous, almost creepy and fetishist. The white, starred by the porn star Jenna Jameson playing bash-em-smash-em, directed and animated by Tronic, is ingenious.
The green is pleasantly surprising, Stanley Kubrick meets paintball. The red, the yellow and the blue are nice, even loving blue. My favourite is the black: darkly bizarre stop-motion, with a sinister panda. Superb! They are all available to see as QuickTime in three sizes and available to download in two formats. You can also watch them at You Tube – I made a playlist with the videos and you can watch them below. (via Yahoo! Picks)

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