Ultraman: Singing and Dancing

I remember that Ultraman was amusing when I was a little girl. It was funny too, but “well done” never was a quality associated with it. After watched this video I changed my mind: the old episodes look so much better now. The choreography of that video was created to Tokusatsu Peru, the Peruvian version of Ultraman. It wasn’t bad enough? Ok, so you must see the Ultraman version of Scatman song with Ultraman singing and dancing. After that you can watch again the old episodes to be sure that they weren’t so bad. Not so bad, huh? (via Crazy Japan)
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Complete set of Popy Ultramen

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5 Responses to Ultraman: Singing and Dancing

  1. P-E Fronning says:

    Never saw Ultraman as a kid I’m much older of course, not than Ultraman, but than you. There are lots of cool and funny clips of Ultraman, fighting different monsters, to be found at YouTube. Fun stuff!

  2. Bibi says:

    Yep. I saw Ultraman, but my favourite was one called “Spetroman”. I don’t know if it has the same name in English, but it was very funny, and very bad for nowadays. The vilan was a monkey with a blond hair always doing some stupid movements. That’s my memory about it. 🙂

  3. fredda says:

    Ultraman (and its close relative, the superhero MAGMAMAN) were the highlights of my childhood life (yes they were shown weekly in the Philippines then, dubbed in Filipino)… I even collected tons of cards then… and now that I’m 24 I really really wish I kept a few of those! the cards were amazing and beautifuL!
    so thanks a lot Bibi, seeing them now made me appreciaTe them aLL the more. before seeing these, my memorY of Ultraman was same as y0urs- very campy and not aestheticaLLy commeNdabLe.
    the Japanese were always ahead when it c0mes to these things and it w0uLd always be a couPle of years later that the Americans would catch on and imitate them…

  4. fredda says:

    Bibi, I think you are talking about SHAIDER.. the villain you’re talking about is FUMA LEAR. and it stars ANNIE, right? the girl always wearing yellow vest and skirt? Shaider’s partNer?
    I loved that, t0o!

  5. Bibi says:

    Huge comments! Wow! Thanks Fredda! 🙂
    Ah, no, not Shaider, was this Spectreman. That was so bad, but so funny!

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