Transforming Weapons

Peace Art Cambodia

The best use of guns that I ever seen: Transforming Weapons – Peace Art Cambodia.

In 1998, the Royal Government of Cambodia began tackling the proliferation of illegal and surplus small arms through an integrated programme. By 2006, over 160,000 small arms had been publicly destroyed in Flame of Peace ceremonies.
In October 2003, Peace Art Cambodia began a metalwork skills training programme for apprentice artisans using thousands of these weapons as raw material.

(via Coudal Partners)

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4 Responses to Transforming Weapons

  1. Thats impressive, truly worthy as an art piece 😀

  2. L says:

    ah! interesting idea

  3. mayo says:

    Beautiful art, sadly reminiscent of the cargo cult artwork found thru out the Pacific after WWII.

  4. Bibi says:

    🙂 That’s a good end for something that I really don’t appreciate.

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