The New Think Geek Stuff

It’s almost impossible to resist to the Think Geek stuff. I have a wish list there, and today I add new products to it. I would love to win the iZilla Media Monster – it’s almost a dream with two terrabytes and it plays and rips vinyl – but that could it be a little expensive to most of people, so I had more suggestions. Wireless Extension Cords seems very useful, maybe the USB Desktop Tanning Center – because I never go to the beach, or the cute Grow Your Own 1up Mushroom Kit, and even the The Screened Sphorb and the RFID Blocking Kit T-shirt look great options for a gift. I’m just not so sure if I need the Buzzaire – Metered Dose Caffeine Inhaler, because, as my friends know, I make a so stronger coffee that it could kill a rat, if the rat try to drink it.

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