Pictures and Themes at Google Talk

Gtalk with pictures
Did you see the latest news of Google Talk? Now you can set your own picture and see your friends’ pictures, right from your friends list. And you can also customize the look of your chat conversations by choosing from a number of built-in themes. If you want to test the new features now, here is the instructions to add a picture and to change the theme of chat window. They are nice. I chose the “bubble picture” theme, but if you hated the new feature of pictures, choose a theme without them.
Gtalk - Chat with pictures and theme
Themes, pictures, what’s next? I was talking with some friends about new cool features that they could do it. The first suggestion was tool to archive transfer. Since it’s integrated with Gmail, could it be a good idea do it via Gmail. Other item that we miss is a conference option, to add more people to a conversation, instead of send the same message two, or three times and talk with a group of people, and not only one, like Skype allows. I would like also to leave a message to friends that aren’t on-line. And finally, something that I heard a lot, the users of other IM miss: the emoticons. I can live without them, but I would like to see too more options in the messages, not only busy or available – with customised messages, like the other IM have.

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