Matej Krén

Idiom, opening

The Czech artist Matej Krén makes fantastic sculptures- installations using the books published in the place where them are being build. In 1994 he made an tower of books entitled Idiom for the XXII Bienal of São Paulo using books, lights and mirrors. In 2004 he build Passage for the Museum Kampa, two walls of books creating a way, a passage, constructed using again lights, books and mirrors. The project itself is a metaphorical synthesis of a number of formal semantic elements: an entrance, a path, “endless walls” of books, mirrors, light, an exit and even the physical presence of the viewers themselves.

In recent years his distinctive approach to sculpture, object, installation, drawing, print, painting, action art, film, music, sound and word has attracted attention at many prestigious international art shows.
His work not only touches on very contemporary problems, such as erasing the boundaries between reality and fiction, memory and the present, but also on classic themes in art – the relation between inner and outer, the part and the whole. Typical of his work is a searching for a complexity of content expressed in a monumental and comprehensible language.

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