Mark Ho’s Zoho Artform No.1

Zoho Artform No.1
The awesome sculpture above is one of the works of Mark Ho. That incredible animatronic human sculpture in bronze and stainless steel is called ZOHO ARTFORM No. 1. It can take any number of natural human poses due to the large number of moveable joints paralleling human form built into its structure. I bet that after see all its pictures you are going to say “I want one!”. Yes, I want one too. The bad part is that the sculpture is an exclusive work, and there are only 25 original of those handmade metal sculptures. But if you really want one those, you just need to pay $36,160.04 USD. Ouch! Ok, I think that I will just keep looking the pictures. (via digg)

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3 Responses to Mark Ho’s Zoho Artform No.1

  1. cynlee says:

    man, would luv one of those!
    keep up the great info bibi!! TY!! :0)))))

  2. L says:

    very cool — too bad I can’t afford it 🙂

  3. Bibi says:

    Thanks Cynlee!
    Yep L, the price killed me. Maybe I need to rob a bank. 😀

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