Graham Corcoran

Digital Rampage is the website of the talented Irish artist Graham Corcoran, with illustrations, animations, works of design, concept art and storyboarding. He has some of the features that I most admire in illustrators: sense of humour in his works, a great use of colours, a nice style, he can make lovely and cute illustrations, and he has illustrations of pinups and cats. I can’t resist to illustrations with cats.
Anyway, his favourite artists are Claire Wendling, Mike Mignola, Tadahiro Usuegi, Milo Manara, Miroslav Sasek and Edmond Kiraz. Corcoran also has a page in deviantART with more information about him a gallery with his works. And he has a a weblog too, which latest entry has his 3 entries to Alice In Wonderland art competition.

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