City of biscuits

City of biscuits
That is just a small part of the amazing installation Biscuit City with 12 metres long designed by the Chinese artist Song Dong using approximately 72,000 biscuits. The team spent six days of work to build the buildings, a football stadium and the suspension bridges. The installation built in February was placed next to the tea shop in the basement of the Oxford Street department store and is part of the China in London events aiming to promote Chinese culture. Who was there could it the biscuits, including digestives, chocolate digestives, rich tea, hobnobs, caramels and fruit shortcake with tea… just to think about it makes my mouth water. More about it at Guardian and BBC News, including a gallery of pictures. (via Slashfood)

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3 Responses to City of biscuits

  1. Bertrand says:

    I am sure the city would shrink if I was to live in it :))

  2. Mr Mystic says:

    They’re cookie monsters….

  3. Bibi says:

    😀 I’m not a fan of all kind of cookies, but cookies with chocolate… hum… they wouldn’t survive with me.

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