Bella Pilar

Spring Hats

Bella Pilar makes illustrations of fashion, of lovely and elegant girls.

Bella’s whimsical feminine watercolor illustrations take a traditional medium and push it to it to a fresh, pretty new place. Her strong ties to fashion began with work in visual display and a career as a make-up artist before going on to her true love, illustration.

She has a series of illustrations of women and dogs; my favourite is Daschund – and for the surprise of many people I had a couple of those dogs when I was younger. More of her works here.

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6 Responses to Bella Pilar

  1. kahlo says:

    Wondeful ilustrations, i really like this style 😀

  2. Bertrand says:

    I love these illustrations. Une fois de plus, merci de nous faire partager tant de découvertes! 🙂

  3. Ana Lucia says:

    Bibi querida, vou dar um curso de história da ilustração em maio e junho e vou aproveitar para dar uma fuçada geral por aqui para ter umas referências sobre ilustração na internet. Numa vida passada eu fazia bastante aquarela e lápis de cor, com muita cor e imagens quase infantis. Adorei o trabalho dela. Beijocas.

  4. Fredda says:

    thanks a lot for shaRing this Bibi! Love her illustRati0ns so much… the women are strong-willed and spirited and yet so fragile and femiNine… she shows that there is nothing fluffy or shaLlow about loving fashion and shoes and elegant and chic thiNgs too… and in her women there’s a touch of irreverence, quirkiness and a hint of wickedness that makes them so tantaLizing and alluring!
    i really really wanna wear black gowns with spiderweb patterns like in her art! i also love the crows picking at the hairs… and the lady wearing a Christmas tree dreSs!

  5. Massilianana says:

    Merci , Bibi , for this lovely moment with Bella Pilar’s illustrations .These gorgeous elegant and long-legged ladies remind me of Les Parisiennes de Kiraz , maybe you know about this illustrator .
    Boy , ain’t it great to be a woman ?Thanks , I loved your post and cheer up , it is not so quiet on the other side , we are with you !
    Salut , à bientôt ,
    Massilianana , exiled in Brasil !

  6. Bibi says:

    Lots of comments! Ok, let’s do it in parts. 🙂
    I loved the style too Kahlo. 🙂
    De rien mon ami. :*
    Oi Ana Lúcia, pode fuçar, mas eu sugeriria também a Wikipedia. Acho que você pode achar muitas coisas boas lá. Aproveite e olhe a Drawn e outro blog chamdo 100 years of illustration. Beijinhos
    Hi Fredda, I loved that illustration with the crows too, but it doesn’t look so cool in a small size. The Christmas three dress was a funny idea too. Really lovely work. Thanks for the comment again. 🙂
    Hi Massilianana, I don’t know Kiraz, and I’m going to search for it after your comment. Exiled in Brazil? 🙂
    À bientôt.

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