April Fool’s Day at Wikipedia

Man… I hate Wikipedia! I was searching for some information about April Fool’s Day, and the feature article of the day – what is very important today – and found this: April 1, 2006. Hey, you killed all the fun! Now I just need to go there and check the updates! And I was having so much fun here…
I’m going to read all the articles in some moment, since they still updating, and make a list of nice links to visit. Most of the links are funny, but you don’t have all day to check them, have you? I’m going to scoop out it and post later. If that isn’t enough, you always can go to Urgo’s 2006 list of April Fool’s Jokes.
BTW, the today’s featured article is Spoo; it is a valuable and highly desired food product. Made from the alien worm-like creatures of the same name, spoo is considered to be the most delicious food in the galaxy, regardless of which species is asked.

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