Airborne Cats

Airborne Cats
Last year I saw many pictures that people call of “jumping cats”. There were pictures on everywhere, including Flickr, but nobody was sure about the origin of the photos. Today a friend sent me a link to a photoset on Flickr called airborne cats with 144 pictures of those jumping cats. The user Junku is uploading those since July of 2004 and the last updated was in the end of March. Probably he is the author of most (or all) of those images that are all over the Internet. I just want to know what is the food that he gives to his cats: I want to give a bit of it to mine. (Thanks Taiza!)
Airborne cats 2
PS.: it isn’t the food, or not only the food, the reason why they jump is this toy. I need one of it.

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6 Responses to Airborne Cats

  1. Lucia Malla says:

    Bibi, I had this toy before, it’s fantastic. The cat jumps like crazy after it. But it didn’t last long (in my case) because the cat loved it so much that “destroyed” by biting and scratching everything in few weeks.
    The airborne cats album is incredible!

  2. anon says:

    Lucia, do you know the name of that cat toy? I tried looking on that guy’s flikr site, but no luck.

  3. Lucia Malla says:

    Anon, I call it “cat’s bait” or “fishing rod”. I don’t know if this is an official name, though. I think you may find in more specialized pet stores.

  4. L says:

    I remember seeing these a while ago– the photographer does such a wonderful job of capturing the cats’ fluid movements– they almost look like ballet dancers!

  5. Bibi says:

    Thanks for the comments. I found a similar toy in a pet store, but I think that now I must fix the cats to they jump more. 😀

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