Top 100 Seventies Singles

Le Freak - Chic
That’s groovy: The Top 100 Seventies Singles. An excellent selection of songs. Each single has its own page, with the trajectory of the singer or band, the story of it and a link to the lyrics. If you are planning to make a party and want to know the songs that are going to make the people shake, that’s a great place to start checking. (via Cynical-C)
What could it be better? Listen to the songs! Since this is a bit more complex, I started with something easier: I made a list with the videoclips and shows with those songs available at You Tube called Top 70s. I found less than half of them, but it’s much better than nothing. My suggestion: don’t wait too much to watch the videos of that list, if you like the 70’s music, because the things are getting hard there.
Update: There are no more lists or videos at YouTube. They deleted everything.

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