To Audrey Jr.

Galleria Carnivora: in homage of my new baby, Audrey Jr., a super cute Venus Flytrap. Galleria Carnivora is a museum dedicated to the fine art of carnivorous plant photography. There are so many beautiful species that made me wish to find a sister to my girl. (via Jaf Project)
I have one thing link in honour of my green baby: The Little Shop of Horrors, the great classic, cult, but a classic, directed by Roger Corman is public domain and available to download here.
The Little Shop of Horrors
Plus: more about carnivorous plants at wikipedia – a nice article; The Carnivorous Plant FAQ – a very helpful and funny faq (a must read if you planning to adopt one); Tales of caro’s Venus Fly Trapz – a blog about a girl and her pretty dionaeas (I’m envious of her plants, I’d like my plants to grow as beautiful as hers).

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