The Style Contest

The Style Contest for Movable Type, Typepad and LiveJournal

Finally: The Style Contest for Movable Type, Typepad and LiveJournal! Cool! I’m not a webdesigner, so when I had some problems with the CSS of my old template, only in the dirty IE, I got crazy. Since I couldn’t find a solution to it, I had to use one of the few options available as styles and making few changes. That’s one the things that I admire so much in WordPress, there are a huge collection of Themes, besides, it’s free and it’s very easy to instal most of its plugins. I just don’t use it on this blog because I’m habituated with the system and I hate the upload tools of WP.

Designers are the unsung heroes of the blogosphere. Their work allows users to express a character, theme and personality with their blogs.
The Style Contest was created to enable the design community to indulge and explore the contribution their expertise makes to the quality of blogging tools and the user experience.

They could also say that this is an smart way to promote them (MT, LiveJournal and Typepad). I just wanted to knowwhy they waited so much time to make this. Anyway, if you are a designer, that’s a nice chance to show your work and maybe to win some of the prizes. The contest will be open until 15 May, and the winners will be announced on June 2. This means that until the end of this year I’m going to change the layout of this page again. (via Movalog)

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