The Saturday Evening Post Covers Collection

Cover Girl

Norman Rockwell’s The Saturday Evening Post: America’s best loved Art and Illustration… An amazing collection of original covers of The Saturday Evening Post including Top 25 Norman Rockwell and the Rockwell Cover Art Gallery.

Founded in 1728, The Saturday Evening Post is America’s oldest magazine. Purchased in 1897 by Cyrus H. Curtis, The Saturday Evening Post rose to the coveted status of “America’s Magazine” by showcasing the best American writers, artists and illustrators of the Twentieth Century. Curtis paid $1,000 for the magazine, which had origins back to 1728 and Benjamin Franklin’s Pennsylvania Gazette. Starting with a handful of worn type, some paper, and a modest circulation of 2,000, he published the first issue under the imprint of Curtis Publishing and brought the magazine’s circulation to more than a million by 1908.

Everybody knows that Rockwell’s works are awesome, but give a chance to the other artists that made an excellent work in the covers, since the beginning. (via IWR)

PS.: two notes – the first gallery, with the Rockwell’s covers of 1916 – 1919, it wasn’t available. Second note: cats lovers must see cat theme gallery.

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2 Responses to The Saturday Evening Post Covers Collection

  1. Fredda says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Bibi!
    Had a look at some of the other artists… although I have never read a single SAT. EVENING POST issue in my life, I find their old cover images quite delightful- perhaps it’s the portraits of all-American goody-goody type girls in the covers (some of them fresh homebodies who seem to have perfect lives, some wearing beautiful hats and oozing with glamour) , or the heart-warming and whimsical scenes of everyday lives that evoke an era of simple pleasures.
    Some years ago I got to buy a set of Sat. Evening Post postcards with vintage cover images (from Norman Rockwell), but never got around to sending them out… why? Cuz they seemed too pretty to give away!
    A really fave image from the gallery is:
    that one is from Ethel Betts
    also this from Stilwell-Weber, Sarah

  2. Bibi says:

    I spent almost 3 hours there, taking a look in all the pages and categories. Incredible site and the covers are so so so pretty. I have no idea about the content of the magazines, but it’s the kind of thing that you can buy for the cover. 🙂
    BTW, great choices, specially the one with the cat. I almost post a cat… I thought about it but I decided made a joke with the magazine cover.

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