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Michelle, from Tiny Bubbles, passed a meme to me a week ago. Before I procrastinate even more, here are my answers.
What were you doing ten years ago?
Hum… let me think… I was studying (fazendo cursinho) to get in a public university (USP – University of São Paulo) for cinema – which didn’t happen. I was feeling like the least person in the world, because I hadn’t passed the first time, and I didn’t that year either. I was thinking that my high school sucked and that I had lost three years for nothing – well, at least I made great friends there. And that year I made my tattoo.
What were you doing one year ago?
The same thing that I’m doing now: blogging! The good news? I now have more readers then I had then, my English is better, I’m learning French and I write reviews to another site, but for free. No big changes… I am still needing a real job.
Five snacks you enjoy?
Difficult question… I think we have a different definition of a snack over here, but someone explained to me what snacks are in the US. So, according to that definition five snacks that I like are: popcorn, chocolate biscuits, Danette (of chocolate), pão de queijo and gominha (= bala de goma = jujuba = similar to the fruit gums of Haribo). Can I put salad as a snack?
Five songs you know all the lyrics to?
Just five? I know many! “Cotidiano” – Chico Buarque; “Yesterday” – Beatles; “I left my own devices” – Pet Shop Boys; “Never Tear us Apart” – INXS; “Faroeste Caboclo” – Legião Urbana.
Five things you would do if you were a millionaire?
First build myself a super powerful computer with a huge LCD and terabytes of space. Buy an apartment, a big apartment near the metro. Make a cinema graduate course in Paris. Travel to many countries (i have a list of places whose museums I would like to visit). Donate on-line: to blogs, organizations that treat animals, sites of artists, and other organizations.
Five things you like doing?
Watching films in the theater. Blogging (or you would think I’m a masochist, since I am not doing this for the money). Eating: at home, at restaurants, at friends’ homes… just don’t ask me to wash the dishes or cook. Visiting exhibitions of art, photography or history. Buy books: I’m compulsive… or I was… I’m trying to control myself.
Five things you would never wear again?
A tiny bikini (and I think that I just wore one when I was a little girl). A skirt called “balonê”. The “boca-de-sino” trousers (those models used in the 70’s), but I never used them. Clothes with big dots. Any clothes that makes me look fat or fatter.
Five favorite toys?
My palm, the computer, the plush alligator, the photo camera. I would like to put a LEGO and iPod in the list but I don’t have them.
And five blogs to pass this:
Gloomy Sunday, Miguel’s Weblog : 3.0, scribblingwoman, Martin Klasch and The Cartoonist. I don’t know if they are going to do it or not, and that’s why I didn’t pass to other blogs, but feel free to decline my invitation.

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11 Responses to The Five Things Tag

  1. rodger says:

    i’ve linked your blog

  2. Xerxes says:

    Really Bibi, you are NOT fat. You are the absolute cutest girl ever, especially your cheeks when you smile, and you would look perfect in a little bikini.
    Keep blogging, you are fun to read.

  3. The “Five Things” Meme

    Courtesy of Bibi:
    What were you doing ten years ago?
    In March 1996, I had been online for just over a year, so I was probably up to my neck in HTML/PERL/CGI etc.. books and being very geeky.
    I was also dating a questionable, not to mention destructiv…

  4. michelle says:

    anything can be a snack, Bibi! 🙂

  5. AMERS... says:

    Menina, o que considero interessante nestas listas pessoais é o fato de nos levarem a lembrar coisas hilárias que fizemos…eu já usei “pantalona” (boca de sino)…bj

  6. Fredda says:

    your link on the cheese bun is very informative, Bibi. wow, i wanna taste it… im sure it’s s0oo0 yummy!!!
    do you like the “fast-food pão de queijo” or do you prefer the home-made recipes?
    “Some people say the best pão de queijo is found where it originated, in the state of Minas Gerais.” have you tasted their version of the snacks? do you think the others are “chalk or rubber”? ^__^
    my favorite snacks is Meiji black chocolate and Lindt dark choclates. also Lay’s potato chips. not very healthy, I know!

  7. Bibi says:

    Thanks Rodger. 🙂
    Thanks Xerxes, but no little bikinis. I don’t like them.
    Anything? 🙂 Salada? Chocolate? Onion Rings? hum… Thanks for the information Michelle, I had to made a search and my boyfriend said that Danette was wrong, but I eat them between the meals.

  8. Bibi says:

    Oi Ammers, eu nunca usei e quando a moda voltou aqui eu sofri para achar uma calça com uma barra não tão aberta. 😀
    Hi Fredda, I can eat both, but I don’t do them anymnore. When I was much younger I used to do, but I think that now I’m lazy. I buy them and just baked.
    Yes I eat at Minas. Not so different. There is a big company of Minas that sells them in all over the country “Forno de Minas”, it’s good, not fantastic.
    I eat some very rubber versions. 😀 It depends of where are you eating them.
    ohhhhhhhh Lindt…. I love them! That one in a blue box… milk chocolate… it’s wonderful. And Lay’s potato? 😀 My boyfriend eats that… I prefer peanuts.

  9. yo.japan says:


  10. Leia Beigler says:

    Já mudei.espero sua visita.

  11. gesiel says:

    eu nunca digo nunca… ops, acabei de dizer 🙂

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