Sexual orientations of comics characters

Scandal Savage

Few days ago Chris posted a link to Religion of Comic Book Characters. Curiously the agnostic and atheists are almost all villains. There are few heroes in that list that don’t have a religion. Well, I didn’t like to be consider the villain, so I decided to not post about it.

Yesterday I found another list of comic characters, this time about their sexual orientations. That page is part of the site Gay League, an online community for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, Transexual, and just plain friendly comic fans, collectors and creators worldwide. About the characters session:

This section will be focusing on the more “well-known” gay and lesbian characters in comic books – mostly from mainstream publishers with a few standout characters from independents. While there are a gazillion queers in underground and/or self-published titles, they are a rare and unusual phenomena in mainstream comics – especially “superhero” ones. Self-published titles are aimed at generally older, more mature and more specific audiences – while mainstream comics, which are 95% superhero-related, are generally aimed at young, heterosexual boys. The fact that there are any gay characters in mainstream comics at all is quite surprising – and quite a treat, since they’re such a novelty.

Now I’m searching for more lists of comic books characters. Do you have any suggestion? (via

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