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Hi, firstly, I would like to say thank you so much for all the visits and comments. That is what makes me keep on blogging.
Now, may I ask you something from you? Don’t worry. It’s an easy one. Do you have a blog? Do you read this blog? Well, I suppose that most bloggers that read this blog post similar things and since I’m looking out for new blogs to read, I would like to know what is your blog. I could use Technorati, but it is broken. They put my blog as unclamable and it keeps on “eating up” my links, so I don’t know where my links come from. Plus sometimes, people don’t list this blog on their blogrolls, but read it. I would really like to know.
I’s easy and fast: go to the comments section and complete the fields of name, e-mail and url. You don’t even need to write a complex comment. A simple “Hi, that’s my blog” is more than enough for me. Don’t worry that I won’t see your comments if you put then on the URL fields. It is actually easier for me, and my spam filter will block you if you put two or more links on the comments field.
Now, if you are not too busy, I have another question: what do you think of a podcast? I was thinking of doing a podcast version, with a slightly different comment. Maybe on a specific theme every 15 days or so… i was just thinking. Maybe a Portuguese version with culture tips… Just let me know what you think. Thank you!
PS.: new posts later.

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36 Responses to Searching for more blogs

  1. Danièle says:

    I read your blog regularly and find it interesting. I often click on your links and end up spending much more time than I should on the Web, instead of working. Unfortunately for you, my blog is in French, so maybe you will not understand it, but I mention it anyway, since you want to know who reads you.

  2. maledei says:

    Hey there,
    I still read your blog since I abandoned
    (just started a new one today, don’t know what’s going to be in it yet 😉

  3. julia says:

    hey bibi, love your blog, you’re doing a really nice job here! and podcasting’d be great as well. our blog is written in german for the most part, sorry..

  4. Carl Hodler says:

    Hi Bibi, Highway to Helvetica is quite new and tries to focus on understanding how web 2.0 thinking effects new and existing online communities. I also post to gromblog which collects geeky oddities for daily amusement.

  5. Bibi says:

    Hi Danièle, my French is so so, but it’s much better to read, but I’m studying it. 🙂
    Hey maledei, I didn’t understand why did you do that, but I’m keep reading you delicious. Please , go back to blogging, ok?
    Thanks Julia! I use an extension to translate when is in some language that I don’t speak. It isn’t great, but solved many problems. 🙂
    Cool.. now I have more blogs to check. Thank you. 🙂

  6. david says:

    My blog is not important to read, I just put up silly things & photos of me meeting mari iijima!
    I am just posting to let you know I actively read & like your blog.

  7. maledei says:

    well, you could always visit my new one:
    but like i said, not much to see yet.

  8. Gabriel says:

    Bibi, I’m a regular reader. Our blogs are a bit different, but I really enjoy the things you find and share.

  9. poncho says:

    hey Bibi, your blog is what keeps me blogging! There have been recent changes in my life that have taken me away from blogging… but I shall return!
    I would really love to listen to your podcasts!!

  10. placeboKatz says:

    Here´s just a friendly meow
    for your delicious box
    Not sure about a podcast, as I am more on the visual side of life, but giving it a specific theme sounds good to me

  11. Sharelle says:

    I read your blog all the time. Hope you like mine too!

  12. George says:

    Hi Bibi:
    A podcast sounds great.I’m sure that whatever it turns out to be will be good.English is my language but do what works for you,most importantly, go for it!!!!

  13. Lady Macbeth says:

    Hi Bibi, I come from Spain and I read your blog every day. I have your blog in bloglines/my feeds so I read you every day when you write a new podcast. Your blog is interesting for me and when I find a good link that you have write I add this (link) my delicious. Saludos.

  14. I’m a very irregular reader: my bookmarks file is far too long, so I wrote a little program that opens one at random every hour, and you’re it!

  15. Hello
    I follow your blog… Mine’s at ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Project Blog
    See ya

  16. You’re blog is very nice indeed. Thank you and keep up the good work. =)

  17. HP says:

    How about a bilingual podcast? I’m currently listening to lots of Brazilian music (mostly vintage samba and bossa nova, because that’s all we can get over here) and would love to hear some of the regional styles and contemporary stuff. Maybe you could announce concert information in Portuguese and then a brief description in English and play some tracks. Looking forward to hearing your voice, regardless.

  18. peacay says:

    I never visit your site. Nobody is allowed to visit my site.
    Podcasts will not help – I have no ears.

  19. Solange says:

    Leio sempre (adoro – e juro que sempre dou seus créditos, viu?)
    Duvido que você ache grandes coisas do meu, mas vá lá.

  20. pni says:

    I read your blog and sometimes steal some nice links to my linkblog hittegodsbyrån.

  21. Guile says:

    I am French and I am following your blog through the dotnode aggregator. The links you post in here are always interesting to follow 🙂

  22. xenmate says:

    This is my blog.
    Nice job on yours!

  23. lebre says:

    gosto muito do seu blog:)

  24. bluewyvern says:

    Hi, Bibi,
    I know you know about me already, but I just thought I’d join in the chorus and say hey.
    Your blog rocks, and I steal stuff from it all the time, so that mine can rock a little bit, too. 🙂

  25. Rebecca says:

    Hi, I am from Sweden and I have two blogs, one is in the URL field and here´s the other one.
    I subscribe to your blog via bloglines, keep up the good work!

  26. -U! says:

    Well,I’m kinda a new reader around here and found your blog from the blogroll at Cynical-C’s.I’ve been enjoying your recomendations a lot and adding many links to my Blogmarks list.
    Oh,I’m from Mexico City,by the way.
    I do have a blog —in fact,I have 3:a sketchlog in English,one about comic books in Spanish and a personal/kitsch stuff in Spanish too (this is the one I listed as URL.There are links to the other two there –don’t know if you might find interesting all that silly stuff,though).
    As for the postcast,well,I guess that if you want to and think it would be fun,just go ahead and do it (then again,I’ve worked most of my life at radio stations,so I’m partial cause I keep thinking that spoken communication is fun,no matter if it’s on the radio or the internet).
    Well,just keep the cool blogging!

  27. Mariana says:

    Oi, Bibi. Há muito tempo que tenho um linque para o seu blog. Continue assim, adoro as suas sugestões!

  28. bjimba says:

    Bibi — I read your blog regularly (subscribing through Bloglines), and always enjoy it. I particularly liked the idea of reviewing public domain movies and providing links to them.
    My blog ( is only updated when I something strikes my fancy, and tends to be a bit geeky. Which, I suppose, reflects me perfectly.

  29. Neatorama says:

    Hi Bibi – I read your blog regularly.

  30. Richard says:

    You have a great Blog! I steal from it often for my linkblog Electronic Ephemera, but I have you on my blogroll at my reference linkblog Pedantic Pundit. I forget how I found you, but I love the stuff you find, I will listen or read your site, whatever format you try, thank you for your blog work.

  31. Richard says:

    You have a great Blog! I steal from it often for my linkblog Electronic Ephemera, but I have you on my blogroll at my reference linkblog Pedantic Pundit. I forget how I found you, but I love the stuff you find, I will listen or read your site, whatever format you try, thank you for your blog work.

  32. lex10 says:

    OOH! OOH! Come see mine!!
    Here’s the front door link too:
    (blog address is in the URL slot

  33. HL says:

    Hello there, how are you?
    Great blog you’ve got there –

  34. Bibi says:

    WOW! How many comments and links! Thank you! I have to check the links again (I visited them when they were posted). And I have few of them as my diary readings.
    I’m lazy for personal blogs: since I’m not a native English speaker I read them to slow and that’s why I gave up from them very quickly.
    I saw that most of the blogs have images, what I love and that’s the reason that make me go to visit the links most of the time.
    Thank you again. Now it’s time to visit the blogs!

  35. Bronwyn says:

    Hello, I probably found your blog via a couple of others? I have 30 windows up & it’s getting late, so I’d better go & deal with them now.

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