Religious Affiliation of Film Directors

Ingmar Bergman - agnostic
Ok, fast: what is your favorite director? And his/her religion? I don’t like films about religion, but I don’t care about the religious affiliation of movie directors, if this doesn’t influence the film in general. Does anyone care about it? Indeed, some people do, as the Guide to Religious Movies shows. They have lists of religious or spiritual films, like Top 50 Greatest Jewish Movies and The 50 Best Catholic Movies of All Time; lists of religious affiliation of Most Influential People in History of Movies, of Top 25 Greatest Directors of all Time, Famous Actors and Actresses and the directors of 100 Best Movies according to TIME magazine.
The site has many other lists, individual pages for directors, actors, producers, pages for individual films about specific religious groups (Amish, Buddhism, Wicca, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Tibetan Buddhism, Latter-day Saints, Quakers, Baptist, Pentecostal, Protestant and Evangelical) and more links to lists of religious films. To have an idea of the religions listed on the site go to the Religious Affiliation Chart. Unfortunately I didn’t find a good list with atheism or agnosticism in films, but I found quiz (Agnostic and Atheistic Films).

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4 Responses to Religious Affiliation of Film Directors

  1. Antares says:

    Hi Bibi!,
    First of all, congratulations for your blog, it´s great!.
    I am another blogger, from Spain, and regarding your post, I love Bergman’s movies!; especially, “The Seventh Seal”…
    Another religious film that I like is “Ordet”, by Dreyer, a very good one, I think..
    Anyway, I´m not religious at all, but I like good movies in general and I find religion interesting in a cultural approach too..
    Ok, that´s all for now, you have now my blog too.

  2. Bibi says:

    Thank you Antares. After watching “The Seventh Seal” I was sure that I loved Bergman’s work. That film is wonderful. I have to watch more films of Dreyer. Thanks for the tip.
    I was thinking after the post and I saw many great films that talked about religion. But they were great because they didn’t show some religion as the best, as the right, they just gave a point a of view and presented the difference among the different cultures.
    Thanks for the comment.

  3. The Atheist says:

    Unfortunately I didn’t find a good list with atheism or agnosticism in films
    We’re coming up with atheisic and agnostic films over at The site is new, but growing quickly.

  4. Bibi says:

    Ah… cool! I hope it grows quickly. 🙂

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