Jean de La Fontaine

Le Coq et le Renard by Willy Aractingi
When I was a little girl I had collection of books with fables and my favourite part was the illustrations. They were beautiful. That’s how I remember of Jean de La Fontaine and Aesop. Now I’m trying to read them in the original, but it’s being tough. There are two good things: the book that I bought has beautiful engravings, including works by Gustave Doré and I can also improve my French.
If French is not a problem to you, or you love illustrations, visit Jean de La The site has an impressive collection of illustrations by artists, postcards, his complete works to read on-line or send by email, a detailed biography and the cultural context, and many other cool stuff. Some of the fables have a link to Italian, English or Portuguese version and you can also sign to receive a fable per day by email.
Do you want to read the fables in English? This link to the Project Gutenberg shows all the La Fontaine’s works available to read on-line or download. And since we are talking about fables, don’t forget to check out the Wikipedia article about them (and the links to other articles there) and The Emperor’s New Clothes article.
Le Chat, la Belette et le petit lapin by Jean-Baptiste Oudry

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4 Responses to Jean de La Fontaine

  1. peacay says:

    Great post Bibi. I saw the fontaine link in your delish links and spent about 30mins there! You are a hard worker. Thanks.

  2. Bibi says:

    Thanks Peacay! 30 minutes? I spent more.:) I loved the images, and explored also the texts and other areas there. Thank you for the comment

  3. Fredda says:

    wow, Bibi thanks for the link!!! I explored all the illustrators in the Jean Fontaine website, thank goodNess the word there is “Illustrateur”! ^__^
    Bibi, the one I loved best is Willy Aractingi!
    his works have this magical, haunting quality to them… i love them so…

  4. Bibi says:

    In Portuguese the word is similar “ilustrador”.I like when those things happen. 🙂
    Yes, the illustrations of Willy Aractingi are wonderful. He made an excellent work for the fables.

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