Friday cat blogging videos

Kitty & Rooster
Six funny videos with cats to finish the night:
Cat Massage: some dogs are luckier than others. The video shows a cat performing a massage on a dog. Maybe you are jealous now, but remember that the cat nails can hurt, a lot. (Warning: loud sound)
Food Fight: when a cat wants to eat, let it eat, specially if you are a small dog. It’s difficult to see my cats doing that, but I have a pot for each one to avoid that.
Kitty & Rooster, Weird Friendship. That’s a very cute video of a kitten that has a rooster as a friend. Does he think that he is a chick? Or does he think that the rooster is a cat? BTW, the audio is in Japanese, but don’t worry, you don’t need to understand, it’s cute anyway. (via i-pets) The video is no longer available.
Learn Another Language: cat versus a golden fish. A nice commercial for a foreign language school.
Talking Cats: the last cat sounds like my cat Melanie angry. Freaky, but I bet that it’s fake. (via I Love My Cat)
– Why Sumo is better than Karate: a kitty shows to his buddy what he / she learnt with karate. That is an old video, so maybe you have watched it before.

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