Bento Windows & Bento Art

Windows Laptop Bento
That is the best version of Windows that I ever saw! I bet it works much better than the “normal” version; if it doesn’t work at leat you can eat it. There are more pictures of that Windows laptop bento here. The images are from Rico & Coco, a blog devoted to bento art. But if that’s not enough, check out this other blog with a huge gallery of bento art pictures. Few examples of what you are going to find there below. (via The Raw Feed)
Bento Art Koala Bento Pacman Bento
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4 Responses to Bento Windows & Bento Art

  1. syl says:

    Reading “le petit nicolas” is great; I love this humour

  2. syl says:

    Reading “le petit nicolas” is great ! I love it !
    And your blog too !

  3. syl says:

    Wahou I speak twice ! 😉

  4. Bibi says:

    Wow, three comments. :)Ok, let’s keep them. Yep, I’m reading two books with Nicolas. It’s funny, fast and the vocabulary is easy, what is very important to me, since I’m learning and still having problems to remember the end of the verbs. And thanks for the nice words about my blog Syl. 🙂

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