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When I go to movies I check first the name of the director, the actors and the stories. The reviews? I don’t like to read them beforehand, because of the influence that they can have on my perspective of the film. Most of the time I have an idea of what I’m going to see: if the movie is bad, very obvious, just funny or good. But I have some not so nice surprises, specially when I am at a film festival, when I watch 60, 70 films in two weeks. The worst films that I watched were on TV, because I really didn’t want to pay to watch them and for my surprise some of them can be funny.
A site called So Bad It’s Good made me think about that. It doesn’t have a huge list of bad films reviewed, but it’s a nice way to appreciate a bad film. The reviews have ratings, from “So bad it’s BAD” to “So bad it’s good”, with a graduation from 0 or 5, passing through “Indeed bad.” and “Funny and enjoyable”.
Another site that you must see to start to appreciated the bad films is the popular Bad Movies. Here is a safe place to indulge in your more unsavoury cinematic tastes. The site has many reviews, news, interviews, links, tips to find. a bad movie and much more fun stuff. It’s a paradise for bad film lovers.
Following the links you are going to find some great sites, not all of them about bad films. Jabootu’s Bad Movie Dimension is a nice place to stop and enjoy the reviews. Bad Movie Night is another good suggestion of a site to visit. It has many reviews and accepts contributions.
How To Make a Monster
Bad Movie Planet – B-movies, cult films, crap cinema! is the main page of some bad movies sites, with a lot of cool stuff to see and read. My suggestions for you to visit: The Unknown Movies and 3B Theater – Curing Your B-Movie Hangovers! Bookmark them, because with so many neat stuff you are going to need of more time to see all.
And don’t forget to visit Opposable Thumb Films, that has a podcast, The Bad Movie Report – Pop Culture Gone HORRIBLY wrong! and Bad Cinema DiaryA movie guide for those who believe lower budgets mean better films, with an impressive list of reviews and dedicated pages.
Sometimes it is not just a question of bad luck making a bad movie, sometimes it is the style of the director, as Ed Wood, Jr. could prove. But many other directors of B-films are also known because of their not so good films, because of their quality or screenplay (yes, even B-films have them!). Ed Wood is not the only one that has fans, and the Internet if full of pages in homage of those unknown directors, some not so unknown. William GirdlerThough largely ignored by mainstream film buffs, and sorely under-appreciated by trash genre devotees, William Girdler Sr. remains one of Hollywood history’s most prolific directors. The homage site has posters, trailers, interviews, biography and more cool stuff to make it a good reason to visit it.
Not only the directors are famous, there are also produces, writers and actors. The producer and writer Herman Cohen is one more of those famous people that worked with B-films. He is most known for popularizing the teen-horror genre withI Was a Teenage Werewolf” and I Was a Teenage Frankenstein, both from 1957. His homage site is great, with many posters, lobby cards, pictures of behind the scenes, movie stills, interviews,filmography, trailers, reviews and biography.
Robot Monster
And of course, there are always many lists of bad films. You can use them to have fun of the reviews, to make sure that you are not going to see them or to watch them and check out if they are really bad. You can start with the IMDb Bottom 100 that has much more films with a big budget than B-films (what makes all the sense for me). After that you can check out the The 25 Worst Sequels Ever Made, not only with bad films, but with sequences that you wish that they never had done, and Top Ten Most Welcome Movie Deaths, when you wish that the character disappear as soon as possible of the film (for the self character or the actor acting).
You can’t miss the lists of bad films of 2005, to be sure of the films that you didn’t lose last year according to Stinkers Bad Movie Awards, Cinematical, The Movie Blog and Twitch. But you can be sure that you are not going to agree with all of them. I don’t. And to make sure that you didn’t miss anything of the bad side of cinema go to Stinkers Bad Movie Awards.
Wikipedia has a nice article about the Films considered the worst ever, showing that there are bad films in all genders: musicals, comedies, b-films, remakes, action and films starred by popular actors. Three of them are in public domain and available to download: Plan 9 from Outer Space, Robot Monster and Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.
BTW, not all the films known as bad films are really bad. There are many great B-films, many of them better than the kind of stuff that you can find in theaters nowadays. B-films have the excuse of the budget, but what about the big Hollywood films, what is their excuse? Stupid ideas just to sell a film to a bunch of teenagers (of all ages) that just want to have some easy (and very idiot) fun?
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
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