Andrew Brandou

Meat Go Round
The paintings of Andrew Brandou show cute animals in bizarre situations, almost disturbing: a squirrel planning to explode the house, a pig having a tattoo, bunnies burning a house, or burning the city. I don’t know how to define his work, just know that it is wonderful. His works made with ink and watercolour on paper with dressing animals imitating old engravings for biology books are great too.

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8 Responses to Andrew Brandou

  1. The drawing is extremely cute. My son loves these kind of paintings in his story books. Will look more into Brandou’s work.

  2. Bibi says:

    Children’s books? I can imagine that… too cute to not make it. Why, when I was a child there weren’t so many cute books? I think that this is the reason why I post it.

  3. P-E Fronning says:

    Haha! The meth lab cat and the sniper bunnies were very cute. great stuff but I’m not sure I would feed it to my children (if I get any)…!

  4. Bibi says:

    Why not? They need to know the bizarre way of live, ina cute way. 😀

  5. P-E Fronning says:

    OK, I’ll show them the catpiano then. OK?

  6. L says:

    these are really cool — I like this artist.
    You should check out this art link:
    I know the artist, and she does a great job of combining the cute and the twisted 🙂

  7. Bibi says:

    Thanks for the usggestion L. I posted abou the Olivas some time ago. She has a great work indeed. 🙂

  8. L says:

    hmmm… you’re probably familiar with more stuff than I am… how about this one?
    I think these are pretty cool

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