Tips for Attracting More Comments

I know that link blogs don’t have that many comments, but I’m trying to make my blog entries a bit more interesting to attract more commenters. I’m not sure if it’s working or whether this blog has more comments now because it has more readers. The other technique that I’m trying is to reply to most of the comments, even if they don’t need any answer. My next step will be to try to apply some of those 10 Tips for Attracting More Comments. It’s an interesting article for bloggers and I’m going to start with the first tip: Ask.
This blog is open for comments. I like comments, specially if they are positive ones, with new ideas, links, suggestions or nice words, who doesn’t love that? Comments gives me an idea of what people like, what kind of content people appreciate, issues that I may research, etc. I don’t answer them all, but I read all the comments and I visit the blogs when the readers put a link to them.
Some of you have noticed that I started to use a comment tool called coComment. On the left side of my main page there is blogbox, with a “miniature copy” of my comments. There you see only comments from my blog, because I didn’t see any other blog that I read using it. That’s why I’m inviting more people to test it.
coComment is free, easy to install, easy to configure it, it will enable you to efficiently track your comments and conversations with others across the blogosphere and you can sign the feed of your conversations. It also works with Flickr and have an integration with the blog tools Word Press, TextPattern and Serendipity. They are planning more features, like integrating it in the comment form.

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21 Responses to Tips for Attracting More Comments

  1. bill says:

    Yours is one of those few sites which I need to visit practically anytime I log on.
    Just wanted to write you to ask to please keep up the good work and to thank you for pointing the way to so many excellent sites and materials. The sheer variety of your tastes amaze me!

  2. Sean says:

    Good idea, the comments only appear on the title page.
    Is it possible to configure it so it appears on individual entries too.
    (without too much technical knowledge)
    I tend to read this blog on RSS & don’t enter the site’s front page.

  3. P-E Fronning says:

    I’m ashamed. I should comment more often. Must comment more often!

  4. curt says:

    You’ve always been a great commenter, Bibi, and I’ve always found something to enjoy here!

  5. George says:

    Hi Bibi:
    Just wanted to say that I read your blog every day in RSS.You are one of those people that let your personality shine through your site and that is what I appreciate most.The content is always interesting but your way of doing it is the best.

  6. Bibi says:

    Hi Bill,
    Thank you! You don’t have my problem as an Internet addicted: I never log out! I will try to keep doin’ it! Thanks for the visit and the comment!

  7. Bibi says:

    Sean, you just need to copy the code and paste it on the page or pages that you want.
    RSS rocks! I read almost all the blogs via Bloglines. 🙂
    Yes, you should P-E! 😀

  8. Bibi says:

    Thank you Curt. I would like to make more comments, but my Englsih doesn’t help most of the time.
    Thanks for your very nice comment and the support George. 🙂
    PS.: hey, it seems that ask for comments worked! 😀

  9. Mark says:

    Once I gave up link blogging, I stopped reading most link blogs. However, yours is one that still holds interest for me.
    I think it is tough for a link blogger to have their personality shine through their posts, but you seem to manage it very well.
    Great job, Bibi. I love your page!

  10. Sean says:

    Thanks Bibi,
    I didn’t really think through my post.
    Also thank you for your advice about a month ago about Google Page Rank. It has worked.
    Many, many people enjoy your blog, what can we do to promote it?

  11. michelle says:

    Excellent post, Bibi!

  12. Bleak Mouse says:

    Dear Bibi:
    At a time when I find that I read fewer and fewer blogs, to the point where I may well take up reading real books in the living-room again, it seems that your eclectic blog has become a daily habit of mine, and I thought I should acknowledge that fact, and thank you for it. Even when I think the topics far beyond my odd spheres of interest, I usually find myself clicking merrily away, sometimes for far longer than I intended. I love the small, the eccentric, and the minor in life – and you provide them.
    I really don’t know an RSS from an ASS, so I won’t comment on software.

  13. Bibi says:

    Awww. thank you for the your words Mark! I’m proud that I still on your blog list, after you had change the format and keep few links there. Really thanks! 🙂
    Hi again Sean. To promote my blog? Spread the word! How? I don’t know… links? Telling to your friends? I do those things when I like of some blog. But don’t worry, now I’m more interest in keep the readers and find more interesting links to post. 🙂

  14. Bibi says:

    Thanks Michelle! Nice to see you here. 🙂
    Hey Chris, what kind of comment was that? 😛
    Hi Bleak Mouse, it’s great to read a comment like yours. I like to know that I can get the attraction of other people to things that they normally wouldn’t search for it. I have to say thanks also for be in among your favourite blogs.
    About RSS… that’s the easiest format to send information of updates on blogs and sites. I can’t imagine blogs with RSS or Atom (a similar format that does the same wok).

  15. Chris says:

    It was me refusing to comment on a post crying out for a comment, by commenting. Now I’ve commented twice although the first comment can be easily debated whether it was a comment or not.

  16. Bibi says:

    ok. I got it… but the idea was get more comments. And worked!!

  17. David says:

    I’ve been a big fan of your blog for quite a while…but for some reason it never crossed my mind that you’d want comments!
    I’ll make an effort now though.

  18. Bibi says:

    Thank you David! The comments are open. Some time ago I thought about “kill” them, but I don’t like to talk alone all the time.

  19. Hemaworstje says:

    no buttplugs in my pc , I’ll comment always so no problema for me.
    making comments, well most of them dont even give it a try to comment , 95 % needs registration, memberships, blabla before posting , well then the message has got to be very important , or the guy/girl has an attitude problem.

  20. Bibi says:

    I though about put a registry button or something like that. And I had typekey registry in the comments fopr a while. People didn’t like it. Happily the system to block comments is much better now and I don’t need to be worry about it.

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