Sushi Pups

Sushi Pups 4-piece set

I’m not a dog person and I’m not a fan of sushi too, but I like cute stuff and plush stuffed toys. So let me introduce you the Sushi Pups.

Sushi Pups is a new line of sushi-shaped dog toys inspired by love for our pups and yummy sushi! We know your dogs will drool over these plush tuna, salmon, uni, and tuna bone maki. Now all you sushi-lovers can treat your pups to these toys too!

The toys came in four options: Bone Maki, Uni, Salmon and Tuna. They are selling individual toys, 2-piece and 4-piece combos. If you aren’t sure if your dogs are going to like them, take a look at their gallery of images at Flickr. I would like to find them in small versions for cats. (weirdly found at

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2 Responses to Sushi Pups

  1. David says:

    Those are great! Wish I had a dog …or a friend who likes sushi and has a dog.

  2. Bibi says:

    That’s the kind of studd that if I had money I had bought it. Very cute.

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