L’univers des Bédés Elvifrance

La pîerre de l'anathème
L’univers des Bédés Elvifrance: French pulp comics. A neat collector’ site with many covers images, comics illustrations and more information about them. Horror, sci-fi and suspense comics with monsters, creatures from the hell, aliens, robots, insane men, villains, femmes fatales… but all look like a big excuse to show naked women, well that’s my conclusion after see all the collection – the girls always have problems with their clothes in the covers.
Don’t miss the description of the comics’ stories and the titles, like this Les monsters du carnaval. Are you looking for the images only? Go directly to the page of Séries Diverses. NSFW. (via Foire à tout)

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2 Responses to L’univers des Bédés Elvifrance

  1. Paulo Soriano says:

    Several of those fumetti were published in Brazil around 1980/1981, by Idéia Editorial (a spin-off company of Editora Três). The thing didn’t last 2 years, but it was interesting while it lasted. I still have several Branquela (Brazilian name of Biancaneve), Loreta (originally Maghella) and the like.

  2. Bibi says:

    Wow, that’s great. 🙂
    É uma pena que naquela época eu nem sequer sabia ler. “branquela”? Que nome feio! Acho que o original era mais bonitinho. Você faz idéia se eles vão republicar isso? Bom, de qualquer forma é bom saber que eles publicaram pelo menos uma vez.
    Obrigada pelo comentário e pelas informações Paulo.

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