J.R. Duran

Ana Beatriz Barros

The Catalan photographer J.R. Duran makes stunning images, most of them of gorgeous women. But he had been live here for many years. Was when he moved to Brazil with his family, 1970, that he decided to work (and study more deeply) with photography.

J.R. Duran is one of the most important Brazilian photographers, although he wasn’t actually born Brazilian: Duran was born in 1952 in Barcelona. As he says, he started photographing as an excuse to get close to beautiful women. His trick worked: for many years he was the official photographer for Brazilian Playboy.
Now he takes pictures for fashion essays, advertising, magazine covers, essays to men’s magazines and occasionally publishes books with original content of images, including photojournalistic pictures.

Three years ago I saw one of his exhibitions: giant pictures of beautiful women, irreverent portraits of different personalities and journalistic pictures of Angola’s war. The exhibition was made to release a book with those pictures and I check out the other side of his work. Really great. After visit his portfolio go to the session of news. (via sexblo.gs)

Alessandra Ambrosio

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