Illustrated Book of Sexual Records

First female pin-up

Illustrated Book of Sexual Records: Sexual Superlatives from all around the World. Over 450 entries of human physiology, sexual techniques and performance, arts, culture, sexology, prudery, superstition and more. Full of odd and weird information. My favourite is the arts session. Per example: Films: First female sex symbol.

Theda Bara was the first screen vamp. She was also the first star to have a screen personality specially created for her. Bara wore erotic costumes which often scarcely concealed her breasts or buttocks. “A couple of loosely spun spider’s webs did duty for a bra, or else an asp curved snugly around the contours of each breast, while a few bead whorls appliquéd on her hip bone by gum arabic looked like some satyr’s erotic doodling.” She also had a liking for wearing metal chains against the naked flesh “in a way that carried an undertone of perversion”.

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